Luxury Finishes in Hampstead

JRSL Interiors leads in providing top-notch painting services in Hampstead, London. We turn your home into a sophisticated and elegant space. Our luxurious finishes mix well with the classic and modern vibes of your home, making each room a showcase of design and art.

These finishes do more than just look good. They're about quality and lasting beauty. Our detailed work and high-quality materials ensure a finish that's both stunning and durable. Upgrading your home with our finishes is also a smart investment.

Types of Luxurious Finishes We Provide

Venetian Plaster:

We bring the smooth and deep look of Venetian plaster to London. It looks luxurious and is practical too, lasting long and resisting mold.

Metallic Finishes:

Our metallic finishes sparkle with luxury. Using gold, silver, or bronze, they make any room brighter and more spacious. They're great for special spots in your home.

High-Gloss Lacquer:

This shiny finish makes everything look sleek and modern. It’s perfect for doors and cabinets and adds a contemporary touch to your space.

Textured Wallpaper:

Our textured wallpaper adds depth to your walls. It makes them feel like silk, suede, or even wood and stone. This wallpaper turns your walls into art pieces.

Gold Leaf Gilding:

Gold leaf gilding is pure luxury. It uses real gold to make details in your home shine. It’s a way to add a royal touch to your space.

Work with JRSL Interiors for a Luxurious Home

Choosing JRSL Interiors means picking the best in luxury. We’re known for our excellent work in London. Luxury for us is more than looks—it’s a way of living. We make sure your home reflects your style and stands out.

Our team is skilled in many finishes, from Venetian plaster to high-gloss lacquer. We tailor everything to suit your home’s style using the best materials. This means your finish won’t just look great—it will last.

We also focus on making your experience great from start to finish. Working with us means having experts who care about making your home beautiful. Trust JRSL Interiors to make your home a place of beauty and comfort.

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