Hand-Painted Kitchens in Hampstead

JRSL Interiors specialises in hand painting kitchens in London. We bring unique charm to Hampstead homes. Our approach turns ordinary kitchens into special places. Each kitchen we work on shows the owner's personal style.

Hand painting a kitchen has many benefits. You can choose any colour you want and create finishes that machines can't make. It also updates your kitchen without full remodelling. This method protects your cabinets and keeps them looking good longer.

Hampstead residents love our kitchen painting services. We focus on making each kitchen beautiful and valuable. Choose JRSL Interiors for a kitchen that fits your style and needs.

5 Steps to Hand Painting Your Kitchen

  1. Preparation: We start by cleaning all surfaces. We sand them to make them smooth. This helps the paint stick better.
  2. Priming: Next, we apply a primer. This makes the paint last longer. It also keeps stains from showing through. Choosing the right primer is important.
  3. Choosing the Right Paint: The paint we use is tough and looks good. It can handle the daily use of a kitchen. We pick the paint based on what you need for your kitchen.
  4. Application Technique: We paint carefully with brushes and rollers. This helps cover all areas evenly. We may paint several layers, letting each one dry well.
  5. Final Touches and Sealing: The last step is to add a protective coat. This keeps your kitchen looking new. It stops stains and scratches. After this, we put back all the handles and knobs.

JRSL Interiors makes sure each kitchen is painted perfectly. Our kitchens in Hampstead and beyond look beautiful and last long.

Why Choose JRSL Interiors for Hand Painting Your Kitchen?

Choosing JRSL Interiors means getting the best. We combine old skills with new designs to make top-quality kitchens. The kitchen is where you make meals and memories. That's why we offer painting that shows off your style.

We care about quality and detail. This makes our service great for London homes that want luxury and personal touch. We use the best materials. Our kitchens are not just beautiful but also strong.

Choosing JRSL Interiors is choosing quality, skill, and happiness. We make sure you love your new kitchen.

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