Hand-Painted Cabinetry and Joinery in Hampstead

At JRSL Interiors, we're known for our hand-painted cabinetry and joinery, adding elegance and a personal touch to each piece. Our artisans carefully craft every item, turning plain furniture into unique works of art that enhance any room. This technique lets you tailor your furniture to match your home's style and colours perfectly. It also breathes new life into older pieces, saving you from buying new ones.

In London, where both space and character are essential, hand-painted furniture can really make a difference in your home's atmosphere and charm. With our services, Londoners can bring their own style and flair to their interiors, standing out in a city celebrated for its varied styles. Choose JRSL Interiors to reflect your taste and improve your living space.

The Process of Hand Painting Cabinetry and Joinery

  1. Preparation and Cleaning: We start by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces to remove any grease, dust, or old finishes. This might include sanding to ensure a smooth base for the paint.
  2. Priming: Next, we apply a primer to help block stains, prevent bleeding from the wood, and enhance paint adhesion. This foundation is crucial for a durable finish.
  3. Choosing the Paint: Choosing the right paint is essential. We use high-quality paints designed for cabinetry and joinery, which are durable enough for daily use. The type of paint—oil-based, latex, or acrylic—depends on the desired finish.
  4. Application of Paint: Our artisans paint carefully, often using brushes and rollers to get a smooth, even finish. This step may require several coats, allowing drying time in between to reach the right opacity and smoothness.
  5. Finishing Touches: We finish with a clear topcoat or sealant to protect the paint from scratches, stains, and water damage. This extends the furniture's life. Once dry, we reattach any hardware, and the piece is ready to use.

Why Choose JRSL Interiors?

JRSL Interiors leads in hand-painted cabinetry and joinery. We're recognised for our craftsmanship and detailed work that makes us stand out. Our team transforms ordinary pieces into exceptional art, with each project managed with care.

We use only the best materials and techniques, ensuring that the beauty of our hand-painted furniture also means durability and longevity. Our detailed prep work, from cleaning to priming with top-quality products, promises a flawless finish.

Our expertise also means we can offer tailored solutions. We work closely with homeowners, designers, and architects to craft finishes that perfectly suit each space's unique character. For anyone looking to enhance their London home with both elegance and personality, JRSL Interiors is your top choice for hand-painted furniture.

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